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Daniel L. NoackLeSage, M.A.
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Daniel L. NoackLeSage is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Behavior Analyst originally from the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. Daniel graduated from Louisiana State University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology. He then moved to Clear Lake, Texas to obtain his Master of Arts degree in Behavior Analysis from the University of Houston - Clear Lake. Since obtaining his degree in 2010, he has worked as the Director and Behavior Specialist for One Step At A Time Behavioral Services, LLC.

It is the goal of Mr. NoackLeSage to apply the benefits of behavior analysis across a broad range of areas. His primary focus has been behavior management and skill acquisition in the home, community, and school setting. He has had the opportunity to serve as the behavior specialist for numerous service providers and educational organizations in areas from one-on-one behavior and academic initiatives to family, educator, and caretaker development programs.

Another area of interest for Mr. NoackLeSage is the application of behavioral methods in the professional workplace area. Through this pursuit, he has assisted with many staff development programs designed to improve performance and job satisfaction. Similar to his work in the education system, Mr. NoackLeSage has taken an individualized approach towards creating progress that best serves the overall goals of the organization as a whole.

Finally, other areas of interest for Mr. NoackLeSage have included the successful use of behavioral techniques in the physical fitness realm. This developed from his own interest in successful health and fitness practices and the effects of changing behavioral habits. Through the use of effective techniques, he has helped fitness organizations and their members to progress towards a healthier and more successful fitness lifestyle. This focus continues to be of growing interest and one that he hopes to continue in the future. 

In addition to these roles, Mr. NoackLeSage has had the fortune of teaching on the university level as an Adjunct Professor for several courses in Learning Principles and Applied Behavior Analysis. This experience has afforded him the opportunity to hone his skills as a public speaker and as a valuable resource for the diverse application of behavior analysis. 

Overall, Daniel NoackLeSage has a passion for behavior analysis and the benefits that it has to offer to individuals of all ages and abilities. While sticking to the core roots of his field, Mr. NoackLeSage is constantly striving to discover new and exciting areas of application in order to create effective and lasting progress in the lives of those he serves.

On a personal note, Mr. NoackLeSage is happy to be back in Baton Rouge and serving his home community. He is married to a wonderful woman, Franziska, and is very proud of her as she works to obtain her Ph.D. from Louisiana State University.

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Daniel L. NoackLeSage, M.A.
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

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