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The following workshops pertain to the effective use of behavioral techniques across various settings and situations. These workshops are geared towards helping you to become familiar with the information that you need to create lasting progress. All workshops can be adjusted, and combined, to a time period that best suits you (though best when presented within a 1-3 hour window unless otherwise specified).

The primary benefit of these workshops is that they are 
completely customizable to the needs of all participants. Each workshop consists of a lecture on different behavioral techniques followed by a question, answer, and discussion session to clarify topics discussed in the lecture and to address individual questions and concerns.

If you are interested in any of the following workshops, please contact:
Daniel L. NoackLeSage, M.A., BCBA, LBA
Director and Behavior Specialist
One Step At A Time Behavioral Services, LLC

Developing A Behavioral Approach That Creates Progress
Average Total Time: 3-4 hours
This workshop is specifically geared towards helping caregivers, educators, and family members better understand the occurrence of problem behaviors and how to provide effective behavior management across all settings and situations. The topics addressed in the workshop include: identifying problem behavior, assessing the factors surrounding the behavior, gaining further understanding of the problem behavior based upon these assessments, and teaching behavior management techniques that can be used to enact lasting change in the individual. This workshop will also provide resources that are available to enhance success. The goal of this workshop is to prepare family, caregivers, and educators to manage problem behavior while increasing individual performance.

Teaching New Skills with Better Results
Average Total Time: 2-3 hours
Prompting techniques and reinforcement are integral components of the learning process. When used correctly and efficiently these components increase the likelihood that an individual will acquire a designated skill. This workshop focuses on various prompting techniques that can be customized for all individuals in multiple learning situations, and how to correctly deliver reinforcement in order to optimize learning and performance.  Time permitting, each participant is given the opportunity to practice the prompting techniques discussed in the lecture.

Effective Management of Problem Behavior
Average Total Time: 2-3 hours
Successful management of problem behavior is based on having a good understanding of the factors that drive the behavior. Understanding these factors and the environmental contingencies that surround them, coupled with knowledge of how to react to these factors increases one’s success in decreasing problem behavior. Participants in this workshop will learn to identify the factors that effect problem behavior, learn how to assess these factors, and learn how to develop a plan of action for decreasing problem behavior.

Increasing Your Learner's Compliance
Average Total Time: 2-3 hours
An essential component to teaching any skill is the learner's compliance. Without compliance, teaching new skills, or even practicing learned skills, is very difficult. The daily interactions between the individual, parents, caregivers, and educators greatly improve as compliance improves. This workshop teaches specific techniques for gaining and maintaining compliance during learning and non-learning situations, and how to successfully implement these techniques.

Effective Use of Motivation Techniques in the Professional Setting
Average Total Time: 1-2 hours
Often times we forget just how essential proper motivation is when working with others. Motivation and desire to perform are crucial components of any organization. This workshop is designed for administrators who are faced with performance issues. Participants will be presented with information regarding effective motivation and management practices designed to increase progressive performance.

Creating Motivation in the Classroom
Average Total Time: 1-2 hours
As educators, we often forget that learning is a process that involves motivation and a desire to perform. Likewise, we find it easy to use ineffective techniques for driving our learner's towards progress. This workshop will focus on principles that are designed to enact motivation and progress in the classroom for educators with a desire to lead their learner's down the path of academic success.

Life Skill Acquisition and Teaching Techniques
Average Total Time: 1-2 hours 
The acquisition of life skills, such as personal hygiene, eating habits, and self care practices is a movement towards personal independence and is very important in the life of every individual, regardless of age and ability. This workshop focuses on the caregiver's role in selecting appropriate life skills and then selecting effective techniques for teaching these skills.

Having Success with Toilet Training
Average Total Time: 1 hour
Toilet training can be a very challenging event in the life of the individual, the family, and caregivers. This workshop focuses on a very effective and efficient method of conquering the toilet training process. Participants will learn how to create success through incorporating techniques for managing behavior and teaching useful skills.

A Behavioral Approach to Improving Articulation, Speech, and Communication
Average Total Time: 1-2 hours
There are several factors, both physiologically and behaviorally, that influence an individual's ability to properly articulate, speak, and communicate. Effective communication is an essential asset in everyone's daily life. This workshop focuses on the use of behavioral techniques to improve effective communication. The topics addressed will include: basic assessment of current ability level, overall components of all behavioral teaching techniques, and multiple communication centered behavioral techniques. These techniques are geared towards increasing an individual's communication skills.

Reinforcement, Feedback, and the Personal Trainer
Average Total Time: 1 hour
Taking the initiative to begin an exercise routine, and to seek out the expertise of a personal trainer, can be a very daunting and aversive task. Through the use of reinforcement and feedback, the personal trainer exponentially increase the individual's chances of success in their goals. This workshop will outline how to effectively implement these concepts into any training routine. Participants will also evaluate and discuss their methods and how to implement these concepts in order to enact lasting progress.

Providing Feedback and Enacting Progress
Average Total Time: 1 hour
In the professional setting, we often misuse feedback as a tool for correcting issues and concerns. This workshop will focus on the effective techniques for using feedback as a simple tool for enacting progress. The target audiences for this workshop are individuals who are responsible for managing other professional settings in any work setting.

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